***Do you know this person?***
I am looking to connect with a specific kind of person right now, and I would love your help finding them!
I have been helping busy equestrians find balance in their life so that they can start feeling better in and out of the saddle as well as creating a stronger bond with their horse. 
**One equestrian was feeling super self-concious leading to a lot of self doubt when it came down to achieving her riding goals. After working through this program, she started showing up for herself DAILY. She feels more confident in her body because she is making decisions based upon her intuition. Now she is riding when it feels ALIGNED and gaining confidence day by day, in and out of the saddle. 
*Another client was not seeing any success in her riding goals. She was burnt out and felt extremely disconnected from her horse. NOW, she is starting to help HER and her HORSE release trauma that she didn't even know either of them were dealing with. She now knows how to incorporate intention setting, energy healing and yoga to give her and her horse more patience in and out of the saddle. 
*AND another client was struggling with setting crazy, unrealistic expectations in her riding, which was significantly affecting her relationship with her horse. NOW, she is achieving every goal she sets, because she has shifted perspectives and got clear on what she WANTS. 
I am super psyched about how well this stuff works and am looking to help more equestrians. 
Here is the perfect candidate!
Equestrians who are setting crazy high expectations in their riding. Leading to burnout, low energy, and disconnection from their horse/horses. 
They feel like their usual methods of pushing harder, riding more, and using willpower just is not working anymore. They know that something is off, but trainers do not have answers other than to train harder, but they do not want to grow away from riding and their horse. 
Struggling with balanced nutrition. Causing them to feel unaligned mentally, physically, and spiritually in and out of the saddle. 
Do you know who this might sound like? send an email to because I want to help them!! Thank you all for the connections! Creating a stronger equestrian community one change at a time, all to better the horse and the human!

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